Victoria + Buddy: A BGP Teaser

95% of the focus on a wedding day is the bride. It's just the way things work. The groom gets a little attention, the flowers get oohed and ahhhed over for a while, but then the spotlight goes right back to the bride. It's a monumental day for her and she deserves all the focus and praise.

But what about the people close to her that have helped lead her to this day? Her parents, family and friends that have shaped her into the person she's become. At Victoria and Buddy's rehearsal dinner we got a chance to get a different perspective on the wedding day. As Victoria's father got up to give his speech it you could tell it was going to be difficult for him. Within the first 10 seconds he was taking long pauses, nervously chuckling and taking sips of his water every four or five words.

Eventually he eased into his speech and proceeded to make everyone in the room cry. He had a very unique perspective on his first daughter's marriage and it really changed the way everyone looked at the wedding day. Like we said earlier, a wedding is usually all about the bride, but it was really cool to get to show a different point-of-view for Buddy and Victoria's film.

Victoria + Buddy:

Photographer: Warren Connerly Photography
Rehearsal Dinner: Audubon Clubhouse
Prep: Westin Canal Place
Ceremony: St. Francis of Assisi
Reception: Westin Canal Place
Band: The Mixed Nuts
Florist: Adrian's Christian Flowers